Concrete Skills

Having knowledge is not the same as having the skill and practical ability to apply that knowledge to create software applications. This is where craftsmanship comes in.

—Pete McBreen, Software Craftsmanship

This chapter presents the scenario where you are trying to join a talented team of developers that will provide you a great opportunity for growth and development as a developer. The problem is that the team has no obvious net benefit to hiring you and there most likely will be a net loss for a while as the team attempts to get you up to speed on your skills and ability to mesh. There is also a chance that you are not able to indirectly contribute to the group with things such as automating simple manual tasks.

The solution presented in this scenario is that we should acquire and maintain concrete skills. Having a solid grasp and fluency in a specific language, framework, etc. will help demonstrate to the hiring team that you have value to bring to the team. If you are unable to contribute directly in the beginning, you can contribute indirectly while you transition into your role with the team utilizing your concrete skill/s.  Having concrete skills will reassure future coworkers that they will not need to hold your hand and walk you through all your work every step of the way.

The action plan set forth in the reading, is that we should look at the CVs of people whose skills we respect and identify which skills listed on their resume would be useful for us to have on ours. Although I am familiar in knowledge of bash script, javascript/vue, C++, and SQL. I would benefit from solidifying this knowledge into skills that can be easily demonstrable in an interview without requiring any google searches. To further solidify my grasp on these concepts into concrete skills I feel confident about, I can practice leetcode problems, and create websites for small businesses that do not currently have one.

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